Streetsurfing original Streetsailing (nice gallery / videos)

Rollsurfing - take the trip Rollsurfing - fun without limits!! Windsurfing on skates, ski & boards

Kiteblading Kiteblading
Central site about blading with kites on all terrains

All-terrain Board Specialists on Maui The new way of surfing on all terrains ..

Speed-Sail - The Easy Windsurfer The British Land Speedsailing Association

An American Streetsurfing-Trip .. The Lords of Powerslide rip it .. North American Landsailing Association

Flo rips the Skatewing Raramuri - Skatewing Specials + Munich Nite Skate Night Skate Events

Speed-Sail - The Easy Windsurfer Speedsailing in France Mad Marc - Windscooting

Windskating across the El Mirage dry lake Windskating in Santa Monika (California) Windskating in Spanien - stylish Design

Eric Spottke Windskating in Minnesota, USA

Nestor Erb Windskating in Argentinia

Rollsurfer intim Georgs Rollsurfing Site

winter sailing Central site for winter surf- and sailing sports

Snow Funboarding ITW France: Snow- and Icesurfing German Icesurf-Site from Uwe Michelchen
More Infos:
Wolfgang Koehne
Thomas Hausberger

Turoglider HighTech-Icesurfing

Snow- and Ice-Surfing Snowfering: Snow- und Icesurfing German Snowfer-Site from Udo Fritze Mad Marc - Cablescooting

Top 50 Windsurflinks